Summer Internship at IBM as a Data Scientist

My Summer internship at IBM as a Data Scientist has ended gracefully. I am very grateful for the opportunity. During the time, IBMers from various positions and background were asked to contribute filling the educational gaps exist in Data Science and Big Data by the team behind BDU and DSWB. Undoubtedly, BDU is becoming more well-respected among both beginners and professionals outside of these areas wanting to step in Data Science and Big Data and advance their careers.

I helped creating some basic to advanced courses in BDU that all of them will become available any time soon and I will update this post accordingly. Among them, I have enjoyed creating tutorials and supervising a junior intern for Apache Spark Makers Build which was a competition hosted by IBM promoting Apache Spark, Machine Learning and other applications. That comes with various flavours as follows;

Graph computations using GraphX to analyze Amazon datasets with Scala and verify some of the claims made by J. Leskovec et. al. See this tutorial here.

Analyzing and visualizing Yelp dataset challenge with Apache Spark SQL with PySpark. See this tutorial here

Analyzing and visualizing Bitcoin transactions here with PySpark.

Only need to fire up your workbench and enjoy.

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