Dunking Thoughts: Learning is Dopamine

I’m starting this series of posts, themed as Dunking Thoughts.

Learning is Dopamine

From my experience as a knowledge worker, I learned to not rely on getting the intellectual dopamine that I need from my job. However, what I can rely on is to get the dopamine from learning which is in my control.

To get the most out it, it’s also important to align the goals, time and opportunity cost well to minimize the negative side of dopamine seeking which is learning anything aimlessly. That even means to raise the filter on what I consume daily. The more precise is better here. Because if I don’t, I’d easily get into the trap of reading a lot with little substance which would only give the illusion of knowing. I can argue those people who are comfortable reading theories are susceptible to this kind of illusions if they haven’t blend high dose of pragmatism and learning by doing in their process.

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