Dunking Thoughts: A Meta Approach in Life

In the ongoing process of learning about myself, I’ve crossed paths, observed and been influenced by many people and got to know some at a closer distance. In the initial period, I wanted to become like someone who I admired their works and their capabilities. As time went by, I’ve got to learn to take the meta approach instead.

A meta approach starts with observing someone(s) with no judgement. Come with the humility and wanting to learn from them (anybody has something that I can learn from). Then try to realize their positive and negative aspects of their behaviours, thought processes, biases and their works. Only after that, I’m letting be influenced by, inspired by or even mimicking their positive sides while being conscious on what I’m adopting and what I chose not to and why. This approach is applicable in many situations such as in career, go/no-go choices and decision-making process.

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